February, 24

Ex-head of State Reserve Committee Mikhailo Pozhyvanov requests political asylum in Austria. He have already filed papers and passed the first interview. Previously Pozhyvanov stated he would not ask for asylum, as had already signed a five-year contract to work in this country.

Ukrainians are dissatisfied with the authorities, but the situation is not critical yet. These are the data of telephone survey, conducted by the Gorshenin Institute. 78,1% of Ukrainians said the economic situation in the country was worsening. 50,8% of respondents assessed negatively the activities of Viktor Yanukovych as president. 46,1% of citizens said their attitude to the President for the last year has worsened too.

The main question to the President Viktor Yanukovych is "How to survive?”, UNIAN chief editor Alexander Kharchenko said. The second popular question is “Where is better life today?” As reported, the last phrase was the Yanukovych’s slogan in the presidential election of 2010. Altogether nearly 7 thousand questions were asked through the agency website. The President will answer these questions on Friday, February 25.

Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky suddenly appeared at the City Council session. After the session the mayor said he did not see the need for his presence at City Hall. The opposition faction members demanded the mayor’s resign, but Chernovetsky does not intend to either resign or agree to preterm elections. Chernovetsky has not appeared at work since December 2010.

Zaporizhzhya Regional Council overturned the regional status of Russian language in the oblast. The new wording of Resolution states that local authorities can use the Russian and other languages of national minorities. Citizens have the right to apply to the authorities in the Ukrainian, Russian and any other languages that are accepted by both sides, and the privileges and discrimination on linguistic grounds are not allowed.

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