February, 22

There is no ukrainian Air Force staff officers in Libya, a senior official of the Ministry of Defence said. Anonimous source has assured they “simply cannot be there”, as Ukraine has no contracts with the Libya in the field of military aviation.

At the same time, the source of information did not rule out that the Libyan Air Force planes could be piloted by Ukrainians.

The censorship has formed in the ukrainian media during the year of Viktor Yanukovych presidency, former co-rapporteur of PACE Monitoring Committee for Ukraine Hanne Severinsen said. According to Severinsen, for this year "pluralism, built in previous years, is destroyed”. Sheis confident it is great significance for Ukraine to have independent media and particularly - public television. As reported, Ukraine is ranked 131-seat at annual ranking of media freedom.

The cost of maintaining the authority in Ukraine has quickened at UAH 3 billion comparing with last year, leader of a political party “Front zmin” Arseniy Yatsenyuk said. Costs of the Administration of President have been increased at UAH 700 million, costs for the General Prosecutor’s Office - at UAH 1.1 billion. Yatsenyuk insists that this sum has also caused the increase of taxation.

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